The CORE Vocabulary Screening measures how well students know the meaning of grade level vocabulary. This is done silently and independently.
*(unless you are administering the modified screening, directions for this can be found below)
The tools you need to administer this assessment can be found in the Assessing Reading Multiple Measures manual (Distributed to IRT's, Special Education Literacy Leaders, Taking Action: RIAL PLT's and participants, as well as media centers where two additional copies were delivered for the professional library in the Fall of 2011. These additional copies were provided through District Improvement)
*Please note, that an acceptable modification for the Vocabulary Screening is to read the assessment out loud.
When we know we have a student who struggles with decoding, this modification eliminates the need for decoding, therefore yielding a more accurate VOCABULARY score.
For directions on administering the modified vocabulary screening, please download the following:

The following powerpoint presentation and attachment will give you an overview of this assessment.
They will outline what you will need to administer the assessment, as well as how to administer and score the assessment.

1. print the document below, Directions.docx
2. print the document below, CORE Vocabulary Screening.doc
2. view the Powerpoint below, VocabPWPT.pptx,
3. preview the J.B's work on the document below, for practice with the powerpoint


4. Now that you have a working knowledge of the vocabulary assessment, I would like for you to follow the link below to view a video demonstrating how to administer the CORE
Vocabulary Screening to an adolescent learner.
Vocabulary Screening Video

5. To complete this training, you must administer the assessment, then score and interpret the assessment with one of your students.